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Welcome! This is a web site dedicated mainly to HO model railroading and model railroaders everywhere, at every age and skill level. Think of this web site as a train store owned and operated by actual rail modelers. Our vision and mission is the exact opposite of most hobby and train shops. Mike and I hope to prosper NOT by CHARGING AS MUCH as we can get away with, but rather, by CHARGING AS LITTLE as it takes. This includes giving away as much as we can, especially modeling tips, how-to's and information which would carry a price elsewhere; but here, they're free. And as to product, we won't offer anything unless we can give you a value proposition that is unmatched.

NEW! Buck's Ballast - the best ballast you'll ever use!

We now stock many Details West Parts - Click Here

Model Market - the stuff you need "down there."

These links will take you both to our ever-changing inventory of products we purchase from various sources, plus the basic products every rail modeler needs, which we keep in stock at all times. What you'll find here represent a significant value which will in most all cases cost you less than elsewhere.

Train Show!

700+ vendor tables, operating layouts, products, help, information - everything you need. Scale, high-rail, brass, new and used. Where? At the Mid-Atlantic's largest train show, 4 times a year, for over 3 decades running! The Great Scale Model Train Show. Click link at left, and come see us!

Signs Street and road signs based on the official standards, and scaled to be appropriate for HO when printed. Download either as separate images, or a sheet of images ready to print and cut out.
Specials When we have them, you'll find listings of exceptional value; honest bargains often including close-outs from time-honored manufacturers, pre-owned locos and cars and other items of exceptional value. If any are currently listed, the link at left will be active. If link is red, then we're currently out of stock. If link is blue - go fot it!
Master Catalog Visit dozens of model railroading and hobby manufacturer sites from just one page. On the same page, send us a message asking for price quotes or more information. Fast, easy.
Quick Pick In stock, ready to ship essentials we keep in stock ALL the time (or try to, anyway): track, joiners, Tortoise motors, couplers, wheels, trucks, CA glues - and more! Fast ordering, GREAT prices!

The Information Resources

  • Looking for our "No-Fail" Tortoise Installation Instructions? Your wish is our command! Find them at this Tortoise No Fail Instruction Link. You'll also find the excellent instruction from the manufactuer there.
  • Articles Formerly occupying space on this page, they became so numerous as to deserve a special place of their own. The information you pay for elsewhere we give away for nuttin'. We cover model railroad terminology, track installation, types and selection of couplers, the basics of DCC, ballasting track, modeling short cuts, converting "toy" cars to good models, making convincing scenery out of trash, calculating a helix, and more. All, written in plain language, published as Google Documents so you may copy, print or download. Want to know "how to?" or "how did it get to be this way?" Follow this 'Splain it to me link. These articles are being updated continuously. Feel free to add your own experience and tips - just shoot me an email.
  • NEWSLETTER: Published 4 times a year, give or take. Real news and info. Not just a "Here's what I have for sale" thing. Click here for newsletters.
  • Clubs: New page added for clubs. See who's there, and tell me if you would like to be added. You don't have to BUY anything -just tell me you want to come on board. Follow this clubs page link.
  • World's BEST Model Railroading Magazine: 3 initials, but perhaps NOT the ones you think. No, I refer instead to MRH (Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine) which is today's unchallenged leader in providing quality information and stunning portrayals of modeler layouts. ALL of it for FREE, all delivered by simple download. Go to the site and sign up. Supported entirely by advertisers, this publication is exactly what rail modelers need right NOW.  And ALL past editions are online, all free for the taking. Here's the link: Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine.

The Virtual Hobby Shop - As Close as We Can Get, anyway...

  An "on-line" hobby shop will probably never be like the real thing. But we can come a bit closer. In a real hobby shop, an actual train store, customers don't just point to things and buy. They interact with the owner and with each other, spend time talking; often just look around for awhile and get ideas. And the owners freely dispenses information about products and services provided by others. That's what we are trying to do here. Yes, if you need something quick, we can do that. But suppose you just want to explore? Suppose you want to find some previously owned product? Suppose you want to find  a specialist? Suppose . . . well, you get the idea. So, start by clicking the links below and come back often.
  • Private Sellers - Check for good new and used private stock from individuals, including ME.  Want to list yours here? Send us descriptions and pictures, or links to places which host your Internet sales. We'll take it from there. Best part: it's FREE! Just send me an email. Click to see current private sale listings.
  • Scratch, custom built, or unique hand-produced original products and customizations: Find hand built product of exceptional quality and value, like the bridges of David Stockwell. If you're such a person, or know someone who is, we'd be happy to add you or the builder you refer to us (at no charge, of course). Click to see current listings at our custom products link.
  • New or Unusual: Every now and then, someone introduces a product which is truly different or innovative. This page reports what we find and gives you links to learn more. Let us know what you discover, too. Follow this New or Unusual link.

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And many more!


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