David Stockwell, Bridge Builder

Par Excellence

No doubt about it, the man knows bridges! Like many of us, it all started when he was a kid. Here’s the story, in his own words:

When I was a teenager I started my first HO railroad! Had a B&O 0-4-0 switcher and an American Flyer 4-6-4 Hudson and maybe a dozen cars. That only lasted for about a year because I got into a drafting in junior college, and took a part time job. After graduation (1 1/2 years) started working full time. Joined the Navy at 19 in 1955, married at 21 and had a passel of kids. I spent my working life as a Draftsman and Designer for electronics companies. In the 1970’s I finally got back into model railroading. I built several layouts over the years, some were completed and some were just false starts.

My last layout was started in 2002 and got to be about 70% finished. Just before Christmas 2004 I had breathing problems and spent about a month in the hospital, during which time there were some leaks in my roof and my layout got some water damage.

Afterwards I kind of lost interest in the layout so I tore it down and sold off everything, a lot of it through EBAY. I decided to try my hand at building bridges and see if they would sell on EBAY. For my bridge designs I mainly use Model Railroader article’s and their Bridges, Trestle & Tunnels book. To date I have sold about 50 bridges in the last 2 years. Some of them were custom bridges for returning customers.

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