With the increasing concern of data breaches, organisations should approach identity management beyond the use of user names and passwords. Doing identity management right is usually challenging and login can disrupt business operations when done wrong. However, companies that are committed to the best practices of login management can benefit from it in many ways. Here’s why organisations need an identity and access management ((IAM) solution and a user management system:

Get the Attention of More Users

B2B and B2C businesses should always consider attracting new users. To achieve this, many of them set up their game to design killer ads on social media, recognise their onboarding process to help people realise their product’s value, and run extensive mobile analytics for new applications to determine where improvement is necessary.

But, most companies fail to recognise the importance of changing their login. They can take advantage of user-friendly options such as single sign-on and social login. A good IAM system will help them create an excellent login experience that can convert users.

Ensure Data Security

Login breaches have regular daily news headlines. As more and more companies are establishing an online presence and customers signing up for those accounts, the risk of compromised security increases year by year. Because organisations cannot commit to 24/7 login security, they must consider outsourcing their identity management. This allows them to get the expertise and strength of their own security detail without asking an entire team of IT experts to stay in the office. IAM solution providers ensure data encryption and password breach detection.

Consolidate Customer Information

To sell and upsell your products or services, you need to have a clear picture of the behaviors, interests, and desires of your customers. This knowledge will help you create marketing materials that attract these customers and get them buying. However, customer information is usually spread out over various platforms. Thus, you need to be able to consolidate all information to come up with an efficient information-rich profile. IAM solutions can streamline this process by automating the transfer of login information.

Stay Up-to-Date with the Best Login Practices

Your enterprise must transition to the latest, greatest versions of login. New technologies are available that can change how users log in to daily account and devices. You need to be prepared to use biometric data and integrated devices in this growing Internet of Things. Outsourcing your IAM lets you continue to return value to your company.

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