Managers are entrusted with the huge responsibility of improving business processes and work flow. They are expected to take the necessary steps, but just relying on data or available information is never enough. It is necessary to visit the workplace (could refer to a manufacturing unit, production facility, work floor or factory) to find the possible room for improvement and change. That’s exactly where Gemba walks come in the picture. In basic words, Gemba walk is a management technique where managers go to the floor, observe and take notes, so as to take important decision later.

Simplifying Gemba with apps

There are apps that can come in handy for Gemba. For instance, you can click here to visit Tervene, which offers an elaborate app that comes in handy for recording information, taking photos, creating tasks and checklist. Doing the exercise right is necessary, and Gemba needs to have a purpose, and managers must have a clear understanding of the process. Below, we are discussing the common mistakes that must be avoided during a Gemba walk.

Mistakes that must avoided

  • Don’t try to incorporate changes. You are there to find the current state and flow of work, and this is not the time for taking new decisions. Even if you are not happy with certain aspects, choose to ignore the same.
  • Don’t confuse Gemba with MBWA. MBWA (Management by Walking Around) is more about taking interest in employees, so as to manage work better, and Gemba is not the same thing. In this case, your focus is on the process rather than people.
  • Don’t go by the book at all times. While Gemba Walk needs to be scheduled, defined and should have a purpose, you don’t want to just adhere to that. In fact, you must observe and learn things on the floor.

  • Don’t miss on communication. Asking questions and talking about processes are critical aspects of Gemba Walks. You want to ensure that your employees are aware of the exercise and are well-versed with their role. Encourage people to offer feedback and suggestions.
  • Don’t rush. Take your time for a Gemba Walk, which can be anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. Don’t shy away from taking more time if required, and if you are too busy at a given hour, reschedule your walk and ensure that the employees are made aware of such changes.

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