3.    Putting the Site on the Host

At this point, you should have established a public email address and checked for availability of the domain name you want. With your website design in place (although perhaps not yet complete), you’re ready to actually publish your site to the web. This section will summarize and outline the steps.

If you’re not yet ready to arrange hosting yet, click the print button below so you have a copy of this material handy when the time comes.

If you want to set up hosting on your own, follow these steps:

  1. Have your credit card ready.

    Have the domain name you want at hand.

    Have your public email address at hand.

    IMPORTANT: to waive the design fee, be sure to click through to LunarPages ONLY FROM Ezbiz, using the LunarPages links you’ll find here.

  2. Once at Lunar, choose the “Shuttle” hosting plan and buy one year’s worth of service (which you will pay in advance). There is a 30 day money-back guarantee. Depending on whatever “specials” the host is running the domain name registration may be at a discounted price. (Currently it is free from LunarPages).

  3. Do NOT select any website templates or other ready-made web sites at Lunar; EZBiz is providing all that.

  4. Do NOT select any extra cost options at Lunar (if any are needed, we can add them later).

  5. Lunar will ask you for an email address OTHER than the one you’ll set up at Lunar itself. Use the public email address you already have secured.

  6. Lunar will give you a username and ask you for a password. Select a password that is memorable for you but difficult for someone else to guess.

  7. Advise me when you have arranged for hosting so that I may upload your site and get it going. I will need your username and password to do this. You will also receive a confirming email from Lunar including several pages of technical detail. Retain this information.

  8. If you’re ready to go NOW, click the LunarPages logo below.

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