J. Scott Geare (known as “JSGeare” to his customers) is an HO Scale rail modeler who returned to the hobby in his retirement, some 5 decades after he put his layout away when he was a teenager. “It is a dream I have maintained over the years,” Geare says, “to once again take up the hobby and THIS time, to do it right.”

The jury’s out on the question of him getting it “right,” but few argue that he has some ideas about how to go about it. And one of these ideas is that the hobby should be as accessible and as affordable as possible to all who wish to try it; kids, beginner adults; men, women – everyone.

Geare did what many beginners would do: he purchased previously owned equipment and material to lower the cost of entry (or re-entry) to the hobby. In time, he accumulated a vast stock of product he couldn’t possibly use himself, so he offered his excess inventory on Ebay at prices which were practically irresistible. When Ebay got too expensive and too hard to follow, he moved to a “booth” at Bonanzle, his current home. He has no tolerance for simply selling “as is” and therefore he thoroughly inspects and tests everything he sells. He has gained increasing recognition not just as a “seller” but as a modeler. Quality is one thing, but price is important, too. Geare says he will sell nothing unless he can do so at a lower price than anyone else, for comparable quality.

Selling is one thing, GIVING is another. Geare insists that the “know how” of modeling should be given away, one modeler to another, whenever possible. Consequently, he has written extensively about the hobby in an attempt to make it comprehensible and useful to modelers of any experience level. He is also a frequent contributor to rail modeling groups.  Geare says, “if I think I know how to do something, I’m going to GIVE it to you, not SELL it to you.” Many of his customers often refer to his ‘splainit web page, which you may see here. (This window will stay open while you review it).

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