Now a few words from Big Daddy The Trainman.

Howdy! Take a second and read this -you might find it educational if not entertaining! I’m originally from Buffalo NY and am now a full time resident of Kentucky. Growing up in NY gave me my love for trains as I lived next to a hump yard.

“HUMP yard?!” you ask. What’s THAT? Well, the locomotives would push cars to the top of a huge mound then release them. As they rolled downhill they would switch the track to the train it was destined for.

I started my collection at age 11 and mowed grass and shoveled snow for every train I bought for 15 years. Up until the age of 26 I’d spend roughly $100 a month on trains -which “in the day” was a lot and trains didn’t cost what they do these days. And they were made here in American or in Europe -not China. Even during my years as a trucker, and while I was married, I spent a good amount of time -and money- buying trains. I packed them away until the day I could finally build a layout.

On my 50th birthday i finally decided it was time to build a layout. I am semi-retired and figured this would be the perfect time. Well, imagine my surprise when I went to my train stash and found I had twenty eight (yes, 28!) 55 gallon containers full of trains and building kits. A big part of it I couldn’t use because of the era or roads I now wanted to use. So, I began selling off what i didn’t want and buying what I REALLY needed. But that also had a side-effect: I bought more than I needed! Fancy that. Guess I can’t pass up a good deal. So, now, I have two nice layouts taking up 2 bedrooms and more trains than I started with!

So now, here I am, again selling what I can’t use, and, YES, I still do buy, still can’t turn down a good deal. My personal collection numbers 325 diesel engines and 1,000 pieces of rolling stock not counting what’s on the two layouts. And I have 255 engines and 750 pieces of rolling stock and so much more for sale! Everything is either rare, vintage, new, used, new old stock, or refurbished  to new (meaning items I have restored to “like new” condition). I won’t hide any flaws or issues, so you will know exactly what you’re getting. Disappointment is not my way of doing business.

You can find me and my stuff at various places. Follow links to see some real sweet deals!

And if you’ve got some really good train stuff to sell, that could be me knocking at your front door right now!

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