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The Particulars

Bottom Line: EZBiz will design and publish your web site for a set fee of $50 which will be waived if you host your web site on through us and maintain your presence on LunarPages for at least 30 days.

Through the following series of questions and answers, we’ll gather up loose ends, look at the details,
and try to address any concerns you might have.


…and Answers

What do we get for “free”?
And how do you do this for free?

There is no specific limitation in terms of numbers of pages, graphics or features. I expect to scan and/or retouch some images, do some original art and set up response forms like the ones on this site. Ultimately, what you get is what you and I agree you get. That said, the more you contribute on your own, the better your site will be.

I don’t charge a design fee because I’m paid a commission by LunarPages for new hosting accounts I bring in. That’s why its important to make certain you go to LunarPages through THIS website ( That way, I get the commission and you get free site design.

Is it written down anywhere? Is there a formal contract?

There is no formal agreement for sites developed under the “free with hosting” program.

Otherwise, more complex projects are subject to an “Engagement Letter” which spells out the terms and conditions for both of us and includes specifications for the web site design. The Engagement Letter is issued by YOU, engaging ME. A model form is in a WORD document available under the “Details…” link below. This gives you control over the process and we both end up with a satisfactory agreement. Very different than confronting you with an impossibly long and complex “terms of service” statement.

How long does it take to get the web site going?

It takes us from 3 to 10 days to build up your site based on complexity, how long it takes to gather up information and similar factors. It takes just a minute or two to actually put it on your domain.

We already have a web site but we’re not happy with it.

If you move the site to LunarPages through EZBiz, then there’s no cost for whatever changes I make for you, and no cost for the move itself.

If you want to keep your site where it is (or put it with a host other than LunarPages) then the rates on my fee schedule apply. (Click the “Details” link below).

OK, this sounds reasonable, but may we see a sample of your work before we fork over our 50 bucks?

Certainly. Click the sample link at the bottom of this page and I’ll create an actual site for you, one you can really see on the ‘net. You’ll need to give me some idea of what you have in mind, of course, by telling me what you do and any design elements or features you’d like.

I’ll create some pages and you take it for a test drive. By the way, the site will only be accessible to those who know how to get to it.

Will you come see us?

Yes. If you’re located in Albemarle County VA or the adjoining counties I will come for an initial consult at no charge to you. If you are elsewhere, follow the “Details…” link for the Fee Schedule. Either way just call 434-823-4809 or email.

How do we pay you?

For payment options, click here.

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