WHO IS GERRY SIEGEL? A darn fine modeler, that’s who. A prize-winning modeler, in fact. A guy who other people hire and consult to design and build. To make miniatures for movies, for example. A man who is selling his operating, professionally built layout and focusing more on projects he has been commissioned to build, and design collaborations on products that will be appearing on hobby shop shelves, catalogs and magazine reviews.


He needs space to dedicate himself to his design business. And, like many of us, he is aware that time has a way with our physical stamina. Our leg, arm and back muscles don’t tolerate stress now as much as they once did. But our minds are still sharp, and we can still use our fingers and hands to create what is in our heads. Sure, we’re older. But we keep getting better. But the time has come to down-size, to right-size.


Gerry wants to sell his entire layout in a single transaction. A take down of an operating layout with full scenic detail is never an easy thing, but if it was originally built well, then disassembly and transportation can be much easier than would be the case with a layout that was cobbled together in great haste. But Gerry will willingly discuss sale of individual items or groups of items.

The asking price of the entire layout – the platform, track, locos, rolling stock, scenic structures and features, and the controls, is $3,500.00.

Owing to the fact that much is custom or scratch built, it surely carries a value many times that. The price of individual components is up to you and Gerry. Regardless of how sold, the hope is that Gerry’s layout and equipment will become the property of modelers who are devoted to the hobby and have a keen eye for and appreciation of quality. It is located near Lancaster, PA, an area where many serious model railroaders pursue their hobby and one which is also home to rich and varied real world train operations. When it comes to high detail, realism and quality, creative work speaks for itself. Consequently, we will give you a brief survey of what’s included, but spare you lengthy lists of features and written descriptions. But we WILL show you stunning views of hos layout and his work. Modelers who recognize quality and professional work will need little more. But, by all means, do ask for more information.


Basically – everything. But here’s the quick-take:

  • “L” girder platform constructed of top grade pine and 1/4″ plywood gussets. 1/2″ and 3/4” plywood base. No wobble – solid as a rock. Self tapping screws used for assembly and Woodland Scenics Sub Terrain used for grades, mountains, roadways and roadbeds.
  • 8 X 16 foot layout models the steam-diesel transition era.
  • Code 83 flex track in good condition. 13 switches all powered by Tortoise slow motion machines.
  • Train Control by 2, Model Rectifier Tech II model 1500, which include a brake and momentum control.
  • Structures include 17 Design Preservation Models buildings including 5 from the Gold Medal series. A rare Trainstuff LLC Wallingford station (only a very few were ever cast). Scratch built engine house, signal tower, trestle, drawbridge, station, and warehouse, and wooden barn.
  • Special features include a tug boat under steam, an operating drawbridge and a trolley with overhead (non functioning) wires.
  • 19 freight cars, 5 passenger cars, 5 Diesel engines, 3 steam locos, and one trolley. All locos recently tested and found working. Made by Bowser, Rivarossi and LifeLike Proto 2000. There is also a Proto 2000 F8/9, new in box. Plus, you’ll receive a variety of kits that have been accumulated over the years and miscellaneous shop items.

Contact Gerry for additional details. Click to email him at cgsiegel@embarqmail.com. And if you have a “we need to talk,” SERIOUS inquiry, just click to email me at  jsgeare@yahoo.com and I’ll pass his phone number along to you.


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