Is this that time of the year, wherein you need to do the tedious task of destroying documents? Identification theft is a serious issue and is on the rise and if not, careful anybody can fall victim to this. Confidential documents need to be disposed properly to not fall into the wrong hands.

In House Shredders V/s Shredding Services

You might wonder why to opt for mobile shredding services, when you have in house shredders to do the work for you. First line of difference here is the investment of time and resource for shredding the documents. Secondly, the documents can land in wrong hands. Last, but not the least, in house shredders require periodic maintenance and have limited capacity for document destruction.

In addition to this, it is impossible to monitor each and every employee to make sure that the documents are being disposed properly. One can easily misplace the documents or just throw it away in the bin, which in turn can lead to a privacy breach.

Hiring onsite document destruction services helps you concentrate on other important tasks. Share the convenient date and time for them to come and pick up your documents and watch them shred them right in front of your eyes. If this is a recurring activity, then you can even ask for bulk discounts

Many of the shredding companies offer locked consoles wherein you can store your confidential documents that need to be shredded.  These consoles have the capacity of taking bulk documents without the hassles of removing paper clips, pins and staples from the documents.

Mobile Shredding Services to the Rescue

A better solution to avoid all such hassles is to hire professional mobile shredding companies. Some of the benefits of taking the help of on-site shredding companies include:

  • Onsite shredding companies come right at your doorstep for shredding documents
  • They have the latest equipment with cameras, wherein you can see that your documents are properly disposed
  • Professional companies are compliant with the Federal and State laws
  • They even provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, after the documents have been properly destroyed
  • The shredded documents are then recycled thus avoiding piling up in landfills
  • It helps you save on costs of repairs and maintenance regarding in house shredders


Hiring the services of professional shredding services ensures that you need not have to worry about misusage of your confidential documents. You might have to do a bit of research to find the right company in line with your shredding requirements. Compare prices, get quotes, and check reviews and ratings before hiring their services.

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