When hiring a translation agency, it is important to consider the extra services they provide. Some translation companies have internal processes, which may be flexible with yours. Others may not. Regardless, additional services like cultural sensitivity, word breaks, or native files are valuable to your project and may not be included in the per-word price. Getting all your translation needs from one provider can make the process smoother and lower costs.

Investing in appraisal

Using a cheap translation is the best option for the cheapest price, but you should consider investing in a high-quality appraisal. The performance of an appraisal will be influenced by the valuer’s experience, philosophy, and results. A high-quality appraisal will give you peace of mind and a better value estimate. Here are some tips for selecting a high-quality translation service. This way, you will save money and time and get a professional translation.

Investing in translation memory

Many companies underestimate the value of investing in a translation memory. This technology makes it possible to reuse previously translated sentences and phrases without having to re-translate the entire document. It is also a great way to save money on translation quotes. Translation memories are generally used by all LSPs. Unlike traditional translation methods, translation memories are client-owned intellectual property and work with localization tools. Translation memories are databases that hold previously translated sentences and phrases. These databases can help translators validate the translation of previously translated sentences and phrases and make minor changes. This technology can save a company a lot of money, as new sentences and phrases are only charged at the full word price.

Investing in CAT tools

When it comes to translation, CAT tools are essential for both quality and speed. Some established translators do not use them, but most commercial translators should. If you don’t use a CAT tool, your clients may view you as an amateur and not worth hiring. Fortunately, CAT tools are available for free, and most translation agencies provide free CAT licences for their employees. Here’s a quick look at the benefits of CAT tools.

Investing in quality assurance

If you want to guarantee that your translations are of a high quality, you should invest in quality assurance. QA checks are essential because even minor details can lead to errors in long texts. When you hire a professional translator, they will do more than just look over your translations for errors. They will review the process and identify the areas that can be improved. These efforts are crucial to the success of your translation project.

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