Product packaging design means creating a product exterior. It includes choice in materials, forms, and graphics used on a box, wrapping, a bottle or a container. A good packaging design conveys a story. It is a sensual experience engaging users through touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste [depends on the kind of product]. Before starting your package design answer three questions.

  • What is the product? It helps to determine the logistical musts. For example, if the product is delicate then extra secure packaging is necessary. If the item has odd dimensions then you will need a customized packaging solution.
  • Who is buying the product? Is the product for men, women, both or children? The packaging you choose needs to appeal to the targeted consumers. For example, products for senior citizens will need large text or if the affluent customers are targeted then choose luxurious material.
  • How are buyers buying your product? Is your target market purchasing your product at a small boutique or online or in a supermarket? Online means stand out from the competition, so the packaging has to be striking. Moreover, the package has to be of strong and of the correct size to avoid damage and rattling during shipping. Items sold in a small boutique need to catch the buyer’s eyes, so opt for cutesy packages.

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Packaging designing process

Understand packaging layers

Get familiar with three layers including –

  1. Outer packaging – First thing customers see. It protects your item from elements.
  2. Inner packaging – It keeps products nestled safely inside the outer packaging. It can be cardboard pieces or tissue paper or bubble wraps that eliminate the product from getting bumped and scraped.
  3. Product packaging – It is the candy bar wrapper or a toy box or a bottle label or a garment tag.

You may need either one or all of these for your product. Each product packaging layer will tell a story.

Opt for right kind of packaging

Packaging options are limitless. For example, square or non-square box, bag, bottle, tube, label, packet, cup, etc. when you choose the right packaging design to consider

  • Choose a different packaging design than your competitions or else your box will need to struggle an uphill battle on the shelves with competitors’ products.
  • The budget must be determined accurately, e.g. if your bracelet is priced at $15 each then a simple inexpensive box will be great but if they are handcrafted and priced at $100 then up your budget and choose a luxurious star-shaped box.
  • A versatile design, so that in future you can accommodate new product variations.

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